End User License Agreement

When you purchase a typeface what you are acquiring is a single user license that follows a End User License Agreement.

Here you will find some information about each type of license. If you have any questions please contact info@novatypefoundry.com

The following is for your information only.

When you buy a license to use one of our fonts you are allowed to use the fonts to create your work under some constraints and conditions.
A end user License agreement is a legal agreement between you and Nova Type Foundry.
This agreement takes effect in the moment you download and use the font.

By downloading and installing the Font Software you agree to the following terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree with the terms do not download or use the font.
In your order summary you are informed of the maximum number of allowed installations on desktop computers, unique website visitors, and number of mobile apps and e-books according to your purchase.

Desktop licenses are based on how the number of computers the fonts will be installed. You can use in desktop computers and for most common use for personal and commercial use. You can use the Fonts in Apps like Adobe Indesign, Microsoft Office or other similar. The license is perpetual if you comply with the EULA. For more information download EULA Desktop here.

Webfont license allows you to embed the font into a website to be displayed in any browsers. The license is based on a monthly pageviews. If you know you will have a different pageview number you need to change your license. For more information download EULA Web here.

The App license allows you to embed the license into an App. It can used in iOS, Android or Windows Phone. The license is based on the number of downloads on the AppStore, GooglePlay or others for each App name. For more information download EULA App here.

If you need different uses of the ones already described you will need a special license for uses such as the ones described below.

  • Alphabet or letterform-related products for resale or letterform creation products or devices.
  • Embedding in electronic-devices; electronic books, all gaming uses and/or devices.
  • Embedding in software.
  • Storing, caching, serving or otherwise providing access to the font software to third parties via the internet for use or display on the in internet, irrespective of the format or technology used.
  • Use in film, flash-type animations, television or broadcast via cable television or on the internet.
  • Use of “Dingbats”, or images in or formatting a part of the font software used as an element in or part of a logo or trademark or use of the same on goods for sale.
  • Use of any illustration embodied in the font software or products for resale with the purchase of a special license.
  • Installation of the font software on a server for serving to users.