Laca & Laca Text

Laca was designed in the summer of 2017, which feels like ages ago! 

At the time I was teaching during the year so the Summer vacations were always the best time to design new typefaces. Laca was inspired by vintage packaging from Portugal. The goal was to develop a friendly, humanistic sans serif font that can be used in packaging and branding. The typeface has a unique feature with ligatures that stack letters and create clusters. 

Laca was produced at that point and published in 2017, and it was well-received. Type designers can be perfectionists, so after a while, I could find things to improve, and as you start pulling the thread, it grows and grows. This resulted in the total review of Laca and Laca Text. 

In the new version of Laca, there was improved treatment on the accented letters, more specifically on the Ogonek.

A new capital German sharp S was designed with a review from Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer. The lowercase one was also improved. You can learn more about this here.

The curves on the letter s lower case were enhanced as well. 

Kerning is one aspect of a font that can make it or break it. Kerning was good, but not good enough. It needed a refresh to work nicely. New kerning was implemented as well on the latest version of Laca and Laca Text. 

The tabular numbers were reviewed and improved on spacing and design.

The most significant addition to Laca was to improve the feature for the special ligatures. There are accented letters for them now. You can write almost anything using this feature. There is a special ligature for the word THE, just because we can!

This process took a few months to get done, and it was a  collaboration with Schriftlabor. You can find them here.

In this process, I have improved my skills as a type designer and I could see more things now than before.

Two years passed since the publication of the fonts and now they have a second life. 

The ultimate goal was to create a typeface that delights you for its design and that works perfectly without you noticing why. By taking the time to improve the technical and design qualities of the fonts, we want to provide the best user experience with our typefaces. 

We want to create good quality fonts so you can use them to develop your amazing work!

If you have bought licenses for the previous version, you may download the updated version for free, or if you need help, please send an email to 

Laca and Laca Text have been designed and produced entirely using GlyphsApp.