About Novatype

Many font companies are run like a mere business machine, but our aim at Nova Type is to be an independent font foundry that cultivates creativity, collaboration and education.

Nova Type was founded in Porto, Portugal in 2018 by Joana Correia, the already well-established and multi-award winning type designer.

She creates warm and vocal retail fonts. Nova Type experiments with new ideas to create something designers love to use — something to shape text like an architect and infuse content with emotion.

Nova Type's Expertise

We are problem-solvers and attention-grabbers. Nova Type already has an award-winning history, but what you really need to know is what we can do for you.

We like to keep things simple and relatable, so here goes:

Retail typefaces: We sell all our fonts right here on our website. Buy here and get direct personal support. And good vibes; we specialize in that. (insert a fun icon from one of your fonts here) You may also find our typefaces on Adobe Fonts if you are a Adobe CC user, also at MyFonts, and Fontspring. 

Fontstand: We also allow you to test or rent our fonts at a reduced rate month-to-month at fontstand.com. Perfect for short-term use.

Custom fonts: We can give a quote to create brand new type families that fit your criteria. (joana@novatypefoundry.com) The best option to help growing brands own their market. We can adapt an existing typeface to your brand needs.

Consulting: We help expand and clarify elements within your projects, bringing to light unforeseen challenges and their solutions. You’ll keep looking like the hero.

Language Extensions: We specialize in creating original fonts and extensions of any existing fonts you currently use (if legally permitted, of course): Cyrillic, Devanagari, Greek, and Tamil, for instance. Global is the reality for business, not just a buzzword.

Workshops: We design and run workshops on a number of subjects. We’re the catalyst to unleash your creative spirit.

Nova Type founder


I love to share my enthusiasm with letters and type. You might find me speaking in events around the world.


Teaching is also part of my way of being in type design. By myself or collaborating with others you can find a workshop near you.

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